make a bracelet, make a friend

Being that I’ve winded quite a lot of embroidery floss around cardboard bobbins this past week or so, memories of spending lazy summer days making friendship bracelets have been washing over me. I remember being wildly jealous of my sister and her cool friend setting up a real bracelet shop (front yard “shops” being the original Etsy), and I desperately wanted to be part of the production.

Years later when hemp was a thing (and in my opinion, is still a thing), I got my chance and remember spending hours making jewelry with a friend and selling it on the boardwalk at Sun River. But back to the friendship bracelet thing, I’ve been trying to think up ways how to bring those colorful cotton wrist decorations back, how I am going to make them for everyone I know and that I’ll finally start using my Etsy shop as surely, everyone wants a friendship bracelet. So it was no surprise that I completely spazzed out (like usual) when I saw this retweeted message flip across my screen the other day:

“psimadethis PS- @thingswemake doing FRIENDSHIP BRACELET SWAP cute!”

First off, there are no words to describe the coolness of this, and second, if you haven’t yet clicked on that tiny url, do so now and then get your keester right back here. I contacted Amy right away and joined this awesome gang. You should too! If enough people are interested, I’ll be hosting a bracelet making party, so shoot me an email or leave a comment in this post. Fun way to meet new people and get your craft on. More details coming soon…

PS (or aka – bit of randomness) – did you notice how the lovely sketch on my coffee cup compliments the image on my latest embroidery project? Yet their logo isn’t the only thing of beauty being showcased at Ristretto Roasters. This refreshing coffee shop serves up an amazing display of rotating local artwork alongside some of the best java I have ever tasted. I <3 Ristretto Roasters.

And PPS – if you go to the Beaumont location, a little nosh from Bagel Land is a nice pairing. Or you could make your own bagels like this uber ambitious angry chicken.

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