a note and a circus elephant

So…I’m still around! We recently got back from a trip to the coast (Florence, Oregon in case you were wondering – lots of incredible farm fresh food, sea air, embroidering, Trivial Pursuit, some sand boarding, great family fun time!) and I’ve been in crunch mode gearing up for Baby’s first birthday*. I’ve been so immersed in glue and newspaper and scissors flying at every spare moment I have (which is barely any with a teething/*this close* to walking babe). I started out with these grand plans in my head, but as the party is almost here, I have to get real. Somehow I don’t think I’ll have time to replace our backyard with a giant lake, willow trees and a sailboat. Rats. Or hand make all of the 10,000 presents I had planned. Double rats. I promise to take pictures of the big day, as I have created quite a lot…at least it feels that way. I’m particularly happy that I’ve managed to use a lot of re-purposed materials. Cheap (or in some instances free!) and eco-friendly. In the interim, I’ll show you something else that I have been working on:

I am loosely participating in Amy‘s newest Tie One On circus apron theme. I’ve selected fabric, a pattern and cut it all out. I’ve embroidered these lovely elephants for the pockets (free, fabulous pattern from So September) and my next step is to sew.it.all.together. This week at sewing class was the first time we actually started sewing. Like, on fabric, real fabric, with the intention of creating a bathrobe. I’m completely intimidated by clearing off enough space and sewing the apron by myself, in my home…for whatever reason I feel like I’ll need a huge chunk of uninterrupted time to concentrate and swear and stuff of that nature, and that’s just not realistic. Submissions are due by September 5; still time to participate if you’re up for the challange. We’ll see if I make it.

* If you’ve read this far, dang, thanks. Here’s some more blathering: this summer has been freaking weird. As soon as the weather changed and the air conditioner flicked on, I was bombarded with all of these smells and memories of last summer. That long, miserably hot, incredibly bizarre, intense summer. Honestly, this summer I almost felt pregnant again, as if re-living Summer 2009. I’ve been hormonal and nostalgic and sleep deprived, still sleep deprived. This year. Wow. This long, but not at all long, crazy, joyful, painful, hard, awesome, freaking ohmygod year. I could write a novel, but I’ll stop here. I just freaking love my baby love so freaking fiercely. I cannot believe he’ll be ONE tomorrow. One. *sigh*

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