how to store tincture and essential oil bottles

Over the past year I have sought out more natural remedies for our family and as such, I have accumulated dozens of tinctures and essential oils. The bottles take up residence in our bathroom and even kitchen shelves, placed randomly throughout the house as they’re used. It’s totally annoying trying to find what I need, when I need it. The other day as I was cleaning out a kitchen cupboard I came across a few silicone ice cube trays that I had stopped using (the ice cubes tasted like plastic…ick). I had a stroke of brilliance and gathered up as many bottles as I could find and felt as if I had struck gold!

Not only did the essential oil bottles fit perfectly, but so did the tinctures.

The trays are at the perfect height where the tincture labels are still easily visible. It would be super easy to organize them in alphabetical order for easy retrieval. I picked up some garage sale labels and was happy to find that they also fit the tops of the essential oil bottles perfectly and went to work labeling away.

An easy way to re-purpose unused ice cube trays and store your precious elixirs. Now whipping up a batch of wipes and cleaning spray is even easier!

P.S. – I cannot thank you enough for all of the kind, understanding and humorous notes that were left on my last post. I have thoroughly enjoyed my little blogging break, but am happy to be back in this space as well. Happy organizing!

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