kcwc: a nautical outfit

Kids Clothes Week Challenge is crazy yo. The current state of my house resembles the aftermath of a Tasmanian Devil blow-by: toys strewn about, abundantly filled laundry baskets, empty fridge: chaos. But I finished an entire outfit, and if you twist my arm, I’ll tell you that it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, minor flaws and all. No really.

The pants were completed first. Surprise – it’s another pair of Big Butt Baby Pants. I promise to venture beyond this pattern at some point, though probably not until potty training has been nailed. They’re just too perfect for a cloth-diapered bum.

I added fun details such as pockets (using Rae’s tutorial) and bits of ribbon. Overall I’m extremely pleased with the outcome, and super proud that I was able to work with linen, a first for me. I used a sharp needle instead of universal. Linen fabrics: Joann’s Anchor print and ribbon: Bolt

The shirt came together in an afternoon, which floored me. I’ve been too freaked out to try sewing knits before yesterday, but all said and done it was quite painless. And can I tell you how cool it is to make a T-shirt? Like, something that you’re suppose to buy at the store, but you’re like “clip, zip, snip – done!” How cool is that? I used a zig-zag stitch; a suggestion from the Tee for Two pattern, which is what this is. I adore the long length. This tike has a super long torso and is growing like a weed. I used a stretch needle, which I know isn’t necessary, but I think it helped stabilize things.

The applique was super easy; another first for me. I bought a no-sew bond, which was an error on my part originally, but I’m actually looking forward to watching the edges fray a bit. I sewed a tight zig-zag around the fabric, cut it close to the stitching, and then ironed away. I added a striped ribbon as a tab on the side seam for detail. Fancy knit of some sort: Aunt Bea’s Anchor Print: Bolt Ship Print: Joann’s

Are you participating in KCWC this week? What have you made or are currently making? Please do share, I’d love to take a gander.

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