spring kcwc and some links

Meg is hosting yet another Kids Clothes Week Challenge next week, May 9-15. I participated for the first time last fall, and Turkey’s pants were one of the featured creations.

The stack above is waiting in anticipation to be whipped up into something fabulous, however considering I’ve sewn only once in the past two months, I’m a bit nervous to jump back on the wagon. That attitude seems lame though, so I’m planning to participate; whether or not that culminates in a finished garment is yet to be seen. Will you be participating?

Over the past week or so I’ve embroidered four lovely designs from Penguin & Fish. Oh I love these designs! So simple, over-the-top adorable, and the perfect small project to jump back into embroidery; a craft I’ve also been neglecting, but just adore. I hope to finish the project I’m working on soon and can’t wait to show it off. The patterns are definitely the most expensive that I’ve bought, so expect to see them used in more ways than one.

Photo: Ruffled

And here are some lovely links that I’ve stumbled upon from across the Web:

Photo: Aesthetic Outburst via Curbly

Have you found anything particularly inspiring from around the Web lately?

P.S. – There are a few days left to enter the anniversary giveaway.

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